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Sick Bay

School Life
The Clinic:
The school is registered with Alafia hospital, this is apart from first aid facilities with trained teachers as first aiders. We have resident nurse from the school clinic. The clinic is for:
Pupils who have injured themselves at school.
   Pupils who are showing signs of an illness which has developed at school.
   Pupils who want to talk.

The role of the School Nurse:
The nurse works in direct cooperation with the entire school community (teachers and staff). She also has numerous contacts among families, the school meals service and staff from the canteen.

Responding to first aid needs and ministering care.
   Listening to the pupils.
   Giving advice (acting as a member of the educational team as a health advisor to pupils).
   Prevention (establish a prevention programme).
   To educate (health education with the aim of making the pupil responsible, independent and aware of prevention).
   To protect (children who are in danger or who are being mistreated).
   Aiding the integration of weak or chronically ill pupils.
   Caring for cleanliness in the school environment
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