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Mission Statement

About Us
Our Vision
We envision King's Park International School as a pilot of educational development, through which it will make its own humble contribution towards nudging up literacy level and standard in its immediate community and our nation in general.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be a Nigerian private educational high school providing education of international standards of excellence and leadership, for the community it serves and contributing to the ongoing development of our country. To provide excellent and qualitative educational services to our pupils, in a friendly environment using qualified and experienced resource persons, with appropriate technology.

Our Motto
“Developing young minds to be Kings and Queens of tomorrow”.

Our Commitment
As a Nigerian private educational high school we are committed to the inclusion of a significant representation of learners and staff from the major cultural groups living in Nigeria, in an atmosphere where each member from such diverse backgrounds feels equally part of the school; Being a multi-cultural community characterised by mutual respect, inclusivity and tolerance; Providing equal opportunities for boys and girls.
We are committed to serving our community by building a caring, involved and creative community of pupils, staff and parents. Displaying concern and support for those with special needs.

As a centre of excellence and leadership in education, we are committed to excellence in every sphere of school activity. Creating and exploring an effective, challenging and dynamic learning environment with up-to-date, appropriate facilities. Pioneering the development of new, innovative teaching methods, applicable in a wide range of contexts.

Equip all pupils with the skills, qualities and values necessary to participate effectively in a common future with all  Nigerians. Develop interactive relationships with a range of other school communities and groups in order to share skills and resources. Accommodate pupils who could not otherwise afford to come to KingsPark.

What we offer
Offers a broad-based curriculum with academic, cultural, sporting, life-skills and spiritual components. Recognizes and develops the unique potential of each individual to the fullest;
Encourages an open, analytical and questioning approach to life and to oneself, based on sound values. Engenders a balance between rights and responsibilities. Promotes a safe and healthy environment for all. Provides for the fullest possible all-round, balanced development of each learner and staff member in the school, thereby preparing learners for life. Encourages spiritual growth.

Our Believe
We believe that effective education is possible only where there is mutual support and co-operation between learners, staff and parents. A climate of care and support for the individual directed at developing self-confidence and a positive self-image. A set of common values shared by the whole school community. Good communication between all sectors of the school community. A sustainable, affordable financial support base which allows adequate staffing and effective management of the school's resources.

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